After Sales Service

Post Sales/Spare Part Services

1. Emergency Calls

ONVALLA offers emergency call services for service contract customers and regular customers. For service contract customers, we are ready to provide services immediately. Regular customers can make emergency calls at any time and the Company will send expert technicians to check, make corrections and estimate prices to take action in the next step.

2. Spare Parts

ONVALLA prepares hoist and crane spare parts to meet customer needs. Therefore, customers can be confident of receiving good, convenient and fast service that meets customers’ spare part replacement needs from us.

3. Service Contracts

ONVALLA offers preventive maintenance services consisting of preventive maintenance and crane load testing in compliance with notifications on crane safety issued by the Ministry of Labour and Welfare. Test items will be accurate according to the Department’s standards in addition to passing tests and certification by engineers who are licensed by the Council of Engineers.

Crane Testing (Load Testing)

         This service is normally offered every three months or depend on customer specifications. Electric hoist and crane testing services test electric hoist and crane conditions in detail including control systems. The Company also offers preventive maintenance services for a period of 1 year.

Crane Load Tests (Load Testing)

Crane load testing is a legal requirement requiring examination and testing of crane components and equipment.

4. Post Sales Services (Warranty)

ONVALLA recognizes the importance of after sales services that meet standard with a warranty period of 1-2 years. Customers will receive convenient service. The Company will make plans to check cranes for customers in each month according to conditions agreed with customers.

5. Crane Rail and Level Survey Services

Crane rail survey is analysis of crane levels and lines. Cranes should move or run along rails with the least tilt and no obstruction. Inappropriate movement on rails causes wheels and rails to be degraded prematurely, resulting in repairs, stopped production lines and high expenses.

6. Crane Operator Training

Crane operator training is necessary for persons who work with cranes and supervisors who are responsible for daily use. This training on safe crane work efficiency will help trainees learn methods that will reduce worker errors, which may cause work to stop unnecessarily. Crane operator training will provide more knowledge to help avoid severe injury from improper crane use. Trainees will learn specifications determined by law for proper crane use.

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