Automatic Car Parking System

Automatic Car Parking System


Currently, the problem is caused by the increase in the number of cars, the limitation of parking spaces in many areas. The rise of urban communities The rise of high-rise buildings, shopping malls, and even the government’s approach to smart cities has led to a rise in the trend of parking management or automated parking systems.

The Automatic Car Parking System makes using the service in various locations more convenient. Parking is also one of the key factors that will ensure that customers or employees in the organization are satisfied with the comfort and safety of their vehicles. In addition, according to the survey results, the parking lot management system also reduces the problem of traffic jams. Reduce the amount of air pollution, reduce the number of kilometers driven by vehicles. It also reduces the time it takes to find parking and increase the capacity of vehicles. This is a good starting point for developing the community into a smart city and making it more green.

Types of automatic parking systems There are different usage systems that will depend on the suitability of use, suitable for parking lots according to the location, such as houses. factory Shopping malls, offices or government offices with limited parking spaces

1.Tower Parking Systems
The high-rise parking system is a type of parking system that works automatically by arranging vertical parking, suitable for areas with limited space due to the relatively small amount of space used in the flat. The high-rise parking system uses the mechanical mechanism of the lifting tool. Lifting vehicles to park on different floors that the system operates, which can be made from 5 floors to 35 floors, is a parking system that saves a lot of flat space.

2.Cabinet Type/Circular Type Parking System
The Shuttle Parking System is an automated parking system that is a combination of lifts. Vertically designed to allow vehicles to move up and down the lifter and a working horizontal shuttle (cart or shuttle) to provide quick access to high-capacity parking spaces. It is suitable for large buildings, as it has a capacity of up to several thousand cars. besides More than two cars can enter or exit at the same time. It depends on the conditions of the area. This type of automated parking system is equipped with the most advanced security system and is controlled by multiple sensors to ensure maximum accuracy. This makes parking process easier, faster, safer and more comfortable.

3.Puzzle Parking Systems
Puzzle Parking System is a fully automated parking system with a combination of pallets that allows horizontal and vertical movement of parking spots just like the scrolling puzzles themselves. Puzzle parking system lifts and slides the car on pallets to the nearest available parking slot using a motor or hydraulic cylinder system. Fully automated systems can be configured and customized to suit operation and space to make parking and ride-hailing easier and more convenient, with up to 8 floors and 2 basements added if necessary.

4.Rotary Parking Systems
Rotary parking system or Ferris wheel system, as there is a rotating storage system similar to ferris wheel, suitable for all organizations. village Department stores, condominiums, government facilities with insufficient parking with the number of cars can meet the daily needs of the capital’s residents by increasing the parking space from 2 parking spaces to 6-16 cars.

5. Two Post Car lift
It is a system that increases parking from 1 car to 2-3 cars suitable for houses. Medium-sized factory, apartment or chowroom, easy to install and maintain.

6.Car Elevator and Turntable
It is a device used to lift a vehicle up and down in a confined space and turn or reverse the vehicle in a narrow turning circle.

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