Solar Cells

Solar Cell

Inverter Solar cells are electronic devices made from semiconductors with properties that convert solar energy, which is an inexhaustible renewable energy and clean energy without pollution, into electricity. Electricity generated by solar cells are direct current electricity that we can use immediately with direct current electrical equipment and regular alternating current utilities through inverters.

Solar rooftops generate electricity using solar energy. Solar cells are installed on rooftops, residential homes, industrial factories, outdoor parking areas or department store buildings. When solar cells receive solar energy, energy enters the inverter and solar cells can be used with almost every type of electrical equipment.


Solar rooftops have the following advantages:

  • Solar cells can block sunlight and reduce roof heat along with air conditioner burdens.
  • Solar cells reduce electricity costs by generating electricity and extending useful life of lighting equipment.
  • Solar cells do not use any fuel apart from sunlight, which is clean energy.
  • Solar cells do not create waste during use and have no combustion, resulting in no pollution emissions that damage the environment.

Furthermore, solar rooftop trends are rising because solar rooftops use renewable energy and costs such as the cost of solar cells or other accessory equipment are declining gradually.

Solar Cells
Total Installation Cost
Solar Cells
Total Installation Cost

ONVALLA offers full solar rooftop services ranging from consultation, area survey, system design, installation, license applications, system testing and after sales services in every model of work such as On Grid, Off Grid or Hybrid.

We choose the best products beginning from Tier 1 solar cells, inverters and equipment accredited with world-class standards at reasonable prices and our team of engineers have design, installation and after sales service experience.

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