ONVALLA  import hoist, our European brand   ABUS    quality administrator, is the design leader in the design of the medical roller treatment system design and over 30 years of experience qualify this with a team of highly skilled and capable engineers and specialists. can check To honor you the best in the pulley system. Ballet is essential to health.
                        The specialty of the ABUS crane hoist is that we pay attention to every detail. in design and production Including the installation of hoist systems, cranes for our customers. With familiarity with applications in various industries We can give the best and suitable advice to our customers. To get a crane hoist system that meets the needs and goals of customers.

                        Hoists ABUS cranes are high quality and safe equipment. with the use of modern technology And high quality materials make the ABUS crane hoist durable to use in rugged conditions. Be it heavy lifting or operating in harsh environments such as weather or hazardous industrial conditions.

                           ABUS crane hoist is the best choice for you. Don’t wait, choose ABUS crane hoist and get a great user experience. Contact us ONVALLA, the only distributor of ABUS crane hoist in Thailand.

| ONVALLA pay attention to every detail

                    ONVALLA   We understand that quality control is essential in the design and manufacture of crane hoist systems. Therefore, we use high quality materials and state-of-the-art technology in production. To get a crane hoist system with high efficiency and durability.


| Satisfied customer service

                    ONVALLA  pay attention to customer service We understand that you want the best advice and quick response. when you contact us We will give you clear advice and direct advice. with a team of specialists We will help you get a crane hoist system that suits your needs.
                    ONVALLA  Believing that innovation and continuous improvement are essential to being a leader in the hoist crane industry, we recognize the importance of developing new technologies. to meet the needs and modernity of customers
                    ONVALLA   Our ABUS crane hoist systems have been widely accepted by our customers with awards and customer confidence. We have created a highly efficient and industry-acclaimed hoisting crane system.
                    ONVALLA Thank you for your interest and trust in ABUS hoists, cranes, quality and safety hoists. along with professional service for more information or need advice We are happy to serve you at telephone number 02-193 5380-5 or email info@onvalla.com

                    We look forward to being a part of growing your business and creating success.


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